Green Landscape

We take pride in our green landscape and in our heritage and we are doing our best to preserve it for our future generations.

Slovenia provides a healthy and safe enviroment for your holidays. Sense the natural harmony of lakes, rivers, mountains, hills, valleys, and karst caves.

Taste Slovenia

Fresh ingredients from nearby fields and gardens is part of our tradition and orientation towards sustainable development.

We offer guests the food we like to eat and can produce ourselves. The majority of our food is local and has a small carbon footprint.

Culture and History

The identity of the Slovenian nation is inseparably connected with its culture and the Slovenian language. Explore the evidence of life in Slovenian lands dating back at least 60,000 years. Tumultuous history will reveal some of the oldest artefacts in the world.

Explore in detail the possibilities offered by festivals, museums and galleries, and various institutions focusing on music and theatre. See the remains of some of the hundreds of castles and manors.

Ready for you to explore it.

We are ready to invite you to green and safe Slovenia..

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