Walks from Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is a small but famous village located in the north – west part of Slovenia, hidden rught between two of the most important Slovenian mountain chains.

Tamar - The valley under Ponce
Dificulty Easy
Duration 3 hours
Elevation Gain 287 m
Distance 9,5 km

Also known as the valley under the mountains ponce, this glacial valley has always been a place of natural beauty and resources. Learn more about Tamar from our brochure.

Krnica - Blue water over white sand
Dificulty Easy
Duration 3-4 hours
Elevation Gain 426 m
Distance 15 km

One could say that the Krnica valley is hidden in plain sight. Just a short walk from Kranjska Gora and past the two Jasna lakes, you will find the road to the Vršič pass. Just before the road starts climbing, a blue river passes under it and opens up the view into the Krnica valley. With nothing but the river and some cow bells to disturb the peace, this walk is a treat for both body and mind. Because of the natural beauty, this valley has also inspired an important writer from Kranjska Gora to create some of the best known Slovenian stories of a brave shepherd named Kekec. Along the way to the hut you can also make a short detour to visit the homestead of some of the characters from his stories. At the end of the valley, surrounded by high peaks, lies a mountain hut where you can enjoy the hospitality of the people and some traditional cuisine..

Tromeja - One mountain, three countries
Dificulty Moderate
Duration 3-4 hours
Elevation Gain 779 m
Distance10  km

Even though some refer to this mountain as Peč, the commonly used name today is Tromeja, meaning “the three borders”. Already along the way, this moderate hike will reward you with some of the best views of the valley Tamar and finally the view into Austria, Italy and Slovenia once you have reached the top. The circular tour is thought out to take you on a gravel road, a forest path and finally on a “mulatiera”, all through three different countries. Along the way you might even notice some abandoned Italian fortifications.

Sleme Peak - Balcony above Tamar valley
Dificulty Moderate
Duration 3-3,5 hours
Elevation Gain 444 m
Distance 5,7 km

Just above Kranjska Gora lies the highest mountain pass in Slovenia. The drive up to the top will take you over 24 narrow hairpin bends and plenty of fantastic views. The pass was build at the start of the first world war and has since only gained in importance. From the top of the pass, the path leads over a small saddle to what looks just like a balcony overlooking the valley of Tamar. Surrounded by the high peaks of the Mojstrovka mountains on one side and the iconic top of Jalovec on the other, this small alpine karst plateau is a must see for every mountain lover. Because of the limestone and larch trees this little spot will offer an amazing colour palette in any season.

Martuljek Falls - The two pearls under Špik
Dificulty Moderate
Duration 4-5 hours
Elevation Gain 477 m
Distance 7,8 km

There aren’t many rivers in Slovenia that could, in such a short distance, create such an abundance of fluvial features in its course. From troughs and pools to the two main waterfalls, this walk through the natural amphitheatre of the Martuljek mountains will surely amaze. There is also a lot to learn on this hike, since the path is filled with information boards regarding the history, flora and fauna of the area. A mountain hut called Ingo’s hut is conveniently positioned between the two falls where you can enjoy a typical mountain meal or a refreshing beverage. If you want to take it easy, you can leave out the second waterfall and just visit the small chapel close to the hut.

Ciprnik - Peak above the ski slopes
Dificulty Hard
Duration 6-7 hours
Elevation Gain 1100 m
Distance 11 km

The steep climb towards the Vitranc peak will prove to be a challenge at some points and a blessing at others. This path will take you above the blue waters of the Jasna lakes and Pišnica river only to reach a point overlooking the entire upper Sava valley. A well earned break at the Mojca lodge will give you the energy you will need to reach the top of Ciprnik. The almost flat part from the lodge will make sure you don’t cool down just too much before the final, short but steep climb to the top of Ciprnik. A few cables will help you reach the top safely, after which your hard work will be well rewarded. Bask in the view of some of the most majestic peaks surrounding Kranjska Gora and even take a look at the giant ski jumps of Planica.

Vrata Valley - At the foot of Triglav
Dificulty Moderate
Duration 3-4 hours
Elevation Gain 501,5 m
Distance 12,6 km

At the foot of mountain Triglav lie three valleys, among which the most famous one has to be Vrata. Meaning “door”, this 12km long valley will take you right to the base of the Triglav northern wall. In this glacial valley, history, geology and nature go hand in hand. During the hike you will be able to admire some of the most fascinating natural formations and read about the life and times of the people who lived and worked here. Following the blue waters of Triglavska Bistrica the path will also take you past one of the most famous waterfalls in Slovenia, called Peričnik. Of course at the end of the valley you will have the chance to enjoy some typical alpine cuisine in the Aljaž hut.

From Bled and Bohinj

The surrounding mountains and proximity of the Pokljuka mountain plateau will also offer a wide choice of beautiful hikes. Most of the described hikes are in the Julian Alps with the starting point in Pokljuka but the nearby Karavanke Alps also offer a nice change. Transportation to the starting points is arranged.

Uskovnica - The dairy path of Pokljuka
Dificulty Moderate
Duration 4-4,5 hours
Elevation Gain 680 m
Distance 13 km

Pokljuka is a large mountain plateau located right at the foot of the Julian Alps. It is known for its vast forests, numerous mountain pastures and great views, making it ideal for outdoor activities. On this trip you will visit two well known pastures named Konjščica and Uskovnica. In the main season the pasture huts are open and are an ideal place to try some local dairy products. Uskovnica is particularly known for the mountain hut, where you can also try out some typical alpine cuisine. The Uskovnica pasture is located at the edge of the plateau offering some fantastic views at the lower Bohinj mountains. The tranquillity of the forest, views of the mountains, typical products and even some natural energy points will make sure that the trip will leave you slightly tired but filled with positive energy at the same time.

Zajamniki - The pasture village
Dificulty Easy
Duration 3 hours
Elevation Gain 298 m
Distance 10,2 km

Traditional wooden houses located on the balcony of Pokljuka are one of the reasons Zajamniki is among the most popular alpine pastures. On this easy walk you will be able to enjoy the tranquillity of the vast forests of the Pokljuka mountain plateau. You will begin your walk at the famous biathlon centre from where a gravel path will take you deeper into the forest. After just a short descend, you will already be treated with some fantastic views of the lower Bohinj mountains while passing over other smaller pastures. The Zajamniki pasture is not more than a good hour away but more than worth the trip. If you continue to the end of the village you will reach a great photo spot with Triglav in the background. You can also make a short stop in one of the huts to try some traditional dairy products.

Zelenica - Hidden among steep slopes
Dificulty Moderate
Duration 4-4,5 hours
Elevation Gain 850 m
Distance 11 km

Just at the Austrian border, hidden between two high mountains of the Karavanke Alps, lies the valley of Zelenica. In the past a popular Slovenian ski resort, the area of Zelenica is today known for hiking, climbing, ski touring and training avalanche dogs. Because of its location between the mountains Begunščica and Vrtača, this is a place of peace and quiet. The walk will take you over the old ski slopes and past two mountain huts, both serving fantastic mountain cuisine in the main hiking season. Around Zelenica you will be able to admire the mixed forests, which really start to shine in the time of spring or fall due to the amazing colour palette of the flora. Also between the two huts lies the spring of the crystal clear river Završnica, making this valley into a place where one could easily spend the day.

Mrežce - The photo-stop for Triglav
Dificulty Moderate
Duration 3-4 hours
Elevation Gain 638 m
Distance 8,7 km

The northern part of the Pokljuka plateau borders a small mountain ridge, where you can find some of the best peaks for amazing views. Just behind this ridge lies the Krma valley and above it the higher, rocky peaks of the Julian Alps. This walk will take you to the top of Mrežce, the peak just above a picturesque mountain hut on the Lipanca pasture. You will be reaching a height of almost 2000m above sea level and from the top Triglav will seem only a stone throw away. The altitude difference and limestone landscape will also provide a fascinating change of the forest flora and scenery. One of the best view points is also at the Lipanca pasture where you can find the Bled hut. On the way up or down you can stop here for some alpine cuisine or just an easy coffee break.

Triglav Lakes - Gems among high peaks
Dificulty Hard
Duration 7-7,5 hours
Elevation Gain 1083 m
Distance 17 km


In the year 1924 the people of Bohinj realised that the lake is not the only natural treasure in the area. Hidden behind a high mountain face above the Bohinj lake lies a 8km long valley filled with natural beauty. Because of that, the valley of the seven Triglav lakes was the first place in Slovenia to be protected as a natural reserve. In 1961 the protected area was given the name Triglav national park. This long but rewarding walk will take you past traditional pastures, larch filled forests and clear lakes. The final goal is the hut at the double lake where you can admire the crystal clear blue lakes and enjoy some typical alpine cuisine. The walk will also offer some amazing views of the lower Bohinj mountains.


  • ramble over green hills and conquer the highest peaks
  • discover extraordinary natural diversity
  • stop time and escape into the embrace of unspoiled nature

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