Naša spletna stran vsebuje piškotke za razlikovanje in statistiko obiska, ter za samo funkcionalnost spletne strani. Z uporabo spletnega mesta soglašate s piškotki. Več o posameznih piškotkih si lahko preberete tukaj.  

Discover Slovenia the new star of Europe

Slovenia is a relatively small country, but as the saying goes all good things come in small packages. If you compare the size of Slovenia, it's roughly the size of Wales or half the size of Switzerland, tucked into a mountainous corner between Austria, Italy, Hungary, and the Adriatic Sea. Despite its modest size, Slovenia is big in what it has to offer to its visitors. There are a few countries in Europe that could offer such a magnificent mixture of history, nature, things to do and see, activities and leisure. We have something for everyone, majestic Alps with their glacial valleys, rivers and lakes, mysterious Karst caves, warm Adriatic.
In just one holiday you can explore the underground world of the Postojna Caves system, walk in the clean mountain air of the Triglav National Park, climb the peaks of the Julian Alps and admire medieval treasures of old cities and towns.
If you are looking for a peaceful, value for money destination with mountains, lakes, seaside, ski resorts, health spar resorts, historic cities and villagers, castles and churches, then discover "little - big" Slovenia

Coast and Karst - the region loved by the sun

Yellow is the colour of the sun that strokes the picturesque Mediterranean towns on the Adriatic coast, its rays infatuated with the beauty of the karst region planted with olive groves and vineyards, with peach orchards and cherry trees. Some of the most beautiful underground worlds of our planet lie below their roots. There are more then 6000 karst caves and sinkholes in Slovenia, and ten of these treasuries, those of limestone masterpieces created by disappearing karst rivers have been adapted and opened for tourists.
Every kilometer of the Slovene coast is a new surprise. You can see: • Piran, Izola, Koper that draw visitors with their medieval cores
• Portorož mentioned as early as in 1251 offers numerous modern hotels, a modern marina, a sport airport, thermal baths, a casino and a varied offer of summer cultural, entertainment and sports events. • Strunjan cliff, which with its 80 meters presents the highest flysch wall on the Adriatic coast
• Sečovlje saltworks, first mentioned in the 13th century
Behind the Slovene coast is the Karst region with numerous attractions including:
• Postojna Caves these were first mentioned in 1213 and has attracted more than 26 million visitors so far
• Škocjan Cave boast a 1400-meter long and 150-meter deep underground canyon
• Križna Cave lakes can be seen from boats in the glow of carbide lamps
• Lipica where the stud-farm was established in 1580. The home of the famous Lippizaner horses, and the original stud where these creatures were first bred.

Lakes & Mountains - the kingdom of friendly peaks

Imposing but accessible mountain beauties invite you to experience the Julian Alps, the Karavanke Mountains , the Kamniško-Savinjske Alps and many solitary peaks. According to an old Slavic legend, Mount Triglav , Slovenia ' s highest peak (2864 m), is a three headed-god whom keeps a watchful eye over the earth, the sky and the underworld.
Below the mountain spreads the Triglav National Park , covering 84,805 hectares. The sources of the Sava and Soca rivers are here, along with the beautiful Seven LakesValley.
Lake Bled - the world re-nowned resort with its picturesque lake lies on the edge of the Triglav National Park . With its thermal springs, natural attractions, recreational opportunities, congress centre, casino and a 27 hole championship golf course, Bled has been a true tourist paradise for more than a century.
Bovec - situated in the heart of the picturesque Soca River valley is known as a place where the world's best kayakers and canoeists compete.
Lake Bohinj - Slovenia ' s largest glacier lake with its unspoilt surrounding mountains is found in the Triglav National Park . Kranjska Gora the most famous Slovenia n ski resort, the scene of World Cup alpine skiing lies in this area. Together with Planica famous for its ski jumps on which competitors surpassed 100 and 200 meters for the first time in history.
Throughout the year, Slovenia 's mountain world offers splendour for the spirit and activity for the body. Seven thousand kilometres of marked and protected trails, 166 mountain lodges, and recreation centres that offer peaks with steep cliffs, steep cliffs, and not forgetting lakes that during the winter become skating and curling rinks - all these attract travellers.

Cities and towns - bridges of lively experience

Slovenia is indeed a small country and so are our cities, if we compare them with European ones. We can truthfully say that the rainbow of the world is at home in Slovene cities and towns. The capital Ljubl jana inspires visitors with its rich antique and medieval heritage, the Renaissance, baroque and Art Noveau facades of its buildings, and with the impressive work of the famous architect Jože Plecnik. Ljubl jana represents Slovenia ' s political, cultural, scientific and university center, and is an excellent starting point for becoming acquainted with Slovenia . In eastern Slovenia , only 18 km from the Austrian border is the attractive city of Maribor , known for its opera, museums and galleries. The old part known as the Lent district, lying along the Drava river, is famous for its 400 year old grape vine. Nearby Ptuj one of Slovenia 's oldest cities and a genuine treasure house of the centuries, draws visitors with its beauty. Preserved and carefully protected medieval buildings also charm visitors to smaller towns such as Škofja Loka, Radovljica, Kamnik, Piran, Kranj, and more.

The countryside - hospitable people in green surroundings

Green is the colour of an awakening that calms and refreshes the colour of wide meadows, mysterious forests, spring fields, autumn vineyards and orchards. In every season visitors are welcomed as friends at more than 300 Slovene tourist farms. These farm households offer their guests excellent Slovene wines, in the dining room with beautiful ceramic heating stoves they serve generous home cooked meals.
Tourist farms are an attractive prospect for families with children, many offer special children ' s holiday programs. Lovers of active holidays will be drawn to the countryside with opportunities for walking mountaineering, riding, cycling, boating, and fishing. In the winter, cross-country skiing is possible in many places and many tourist farms are close to local ski areas.

Health Spas - springs of health and beauty

In the variety of Slovenia ' s fifteen health spas, you will become familiar with all the diversity of Slovenia n landscapes, their cuisine and not forgetting their natural and cultural character. Restful and active holidays are provided at the thermal pools with 27 ° C to 38 ° C water temperatures and unlimited opportunities for excursions, recreation and sport. The beneficial effects of the spa waters are complemented with healing muds, mineral peloids and peat, a healthy climate, salt-water, and brine. Through various medical, preventive, and above all, holiday programs, over the decades Slovenia ' s health spas have fulfilled their mission " With nature to health. " .