Naša spletna stran vsebuje piškotke za razlikovanje in statistiko obiska, ter za samo funkcionalnost spletne strani. Z uporabo spletnega mesta soglašate s piškotki. Več o posameznih piškotkih si lahko preberete tukaj.  

The official language in Slovenia is Slovene, but don't worry if it doesn't fall naturally off your tongue as virtually everyone speaks at least one other language. German, Italian or English are spoken by the majority of people but just because you will never “need” Slovene shouldn't stop you from learning a few words and phrases.
Slovenia's two million people speak Slovene, which in addition to singular and plural has the special grammatical number dual, a rarity among world languages. No, it is not the same in Slovene if one, two or more people are talking, nor is it the same if men or women are doing it.
The Slovenian alphabet has 25 letters. It drops the letters q, w, x and y but adds the following in both upper and lower case:- č - “ch” as in church, š - “sh” as in ship and ž - “zh” like the “s” in measure.
Nobody will laugh at you, in fact they will probably be very impressed that you are making the effort to speak their language. So here are some words for you to try:-

Greetings & Civilities
Hello Dober dan (formal)
Hi! Zdravo (familiar)
Good Morning Dobro jutro
Good Day/Afternoon Dober dan
Good Evening Dober večer
Goodbye Na svidenje
Please Prosim
Thank you Hvala
You're welcome Prosim/Ni za kaj
Yes Da
No Ne
Excuse me Oprostite
How are you? Kako ste?
I'm fine, thanks. Sem dobro, hvala.
Directions & Questions
Do you speak English? Ali govorite anglesko?
I don't understand Ne razumem
How do you say..? Kako se reče...?
What does that mean? Kaj to pomeni?
What time is it? Koliko je ura?
How much does it cost? Koliko stane?
How far? Kako daleč?
When? Kdaj?
Today Danes
Tomorrow Jutri
Yesterday Včeraj
Where is the..? Kje je...?
Right/ Left Desno/Levo
Straight ahead Naravnost naprej
Days of the Week
Monday Ponedeljek
Tuesday Torek
Wednesday Sreda
Thursday Četrtek
Friday Petek
Saturday Sobota
Sunday Nedelja