Naša spletna stran vsebuje piškotke za razlikovanje in statistiko obiska, ter za samo funkcionalnost spletne strani. Z uporabo spletnega mesta soglašate s piškotki. Več o posameznih piškotkih si lahko preberete tukaj.  

Should you choose to hire a car during your stay here or if you have driven out, here are a few useful points to help you.
• Seat belts are obligatory.
• Children under 12 years old may not sit in the front seat.
• Fines may be given on the spot, so always carry money with you.
• Driving with lights on is obligatory

Speed limits

Motorways 130kph
Other roads 90 kph
Built up areas 50 kph


Slovenian Toll Roads:
Motorway from Kranj to Ljubljana, from Ljubljana to Zagreb (CRO), and from Ljubljana to Maribor, from Ljubljana to Postojna / Koper / Trieste.


You do not require a Vignette in Slovenia, but you will need one to drive on the motorways in Austria, which you can purchase at the Post Office, Slovene / Austria border and at Austrian and Slovenian petrol stations.