Naša spletna stran vsebuje piškotke za razlikovanje in statistiko obiska, ter za samo funkcionalnost spletne strani. Z uporabo spletnega mesta soglašate s piškotki. Več o posameznih piškotkih si lahko preberete tukaj.  

Miraculous underground world

The Škocjan Caves have been under the patronage of UNESCO as one of the world’s greatest curiosities. Near Divača, deep under the ground, the romantic roaring of the Reka river welcomes us, the longest sinkhole to have chiselled its subterranean way. The bridge across it, the echoes and the harmony of sounds; unusual Hall of Little Pans, the canyon of the Reka river inside the Svetina´s Hall, no less than 1400 meters long, the sumptuous stalactites in the Quiet Caves… One cannot but admire all of these masterpieces that could only have been created by Nature itself.

There are other treasures - to be discovered, so for instance imagine the Karst just like a prettified song, melodious and kind, inviting you to taste some of the karstic “Pršut” and a glass of fine Teran wine.

A small castle grew here on the site of an Illyrian stronghold in the 13th century. In the 15th century, the Venetians added walls and converted it into a fortress. The east side of the castle is enclosed within a fortified defence wall, and the other sides are protected by high cliffs. SOCERB castle is situated almost three hundred meters above the sea, whereby the castle terrace provides an exceptional view of the entire Bay of Trieste.

Price includes: entrance fee, transport and guide
Do not forget: cameras, walking shoes
Duration: half day
Available from: Piran, Portoroz & Izola
Operating : 1st May to 30th September