Naša spletna stran vsebuje piškotke za razlikovanje in statistiko obiska, ter za samo funkcionalnost spletne strani. Z uporabo spletnega mesta soglašate s piškotki. Več o posameznih piškotkih si lahko preberete tukaj.  

Flora and fauna have always been closely linked with each other. Limestone rock and the warm weather fronts coming off the Adriatic Sea create a unique environment rich in flora and fauna. A fine example in Slovenia is the Triglav National Park. Alpine Flora consists of algae, mosses, lichens, as well as seed bearing plants. Most plants belong to the latter group which reproduce mostly by means of seed dispersion. Owing to the harsh climate which Alpine flora has withstood for millennium, many of these plants have strong and well developed root systems, hairy stems and leaves which have all evolved to enable survival. During your stay in Slovenia you will have the chance to experience the beauty of our Alpine pastures. The Triglav National Park is especially rich in flowering plants including the Triglav “rose” (pink cinquefoil), the blue Froelich’s gentian, Yellow Hawk’s beard, Julian Poppy and the Purple Zois bell flower. Many Alpine flowers are rare and the majority are protected. See how many species you can identify, but make sure they remain there for others to enjoy - do not pick them!